Hip fillers Good Skin

Modern medicine and cosmetology are moving forward quite rapidly. Thanks to this, women no longer need to hide their flaws or exhaust themselves in the gym. They can easily get a desired shape of buttocks with a help of so called “hip fillers”.


The latest trends in a beauty of a woman’s body mostly focus on the buttocks and their shape and size. Flat, drooping butts are considered aesthetically undesired. Social networks and magazines have flooded their pages with images of beautiful bums and more and more people want to change shape of their buttocks.

But what do you do if your butts are out of shape? Do you eat and sleep in the gym? Or do you go for super expensive buttock implants? Luckily, there is a much easier solution – hip fillers.


There are many doctors that help people like you solve problems related to body correction and body contouring. They deal with all parts of the body, including the buttocks.

The procedure is carried out using hyaluronic acid fillers or fillers of synthetic origin. With a view for these hip fillers not to cause discomfort and give long lasting results, they must be of a good quality and made by reputable pharmaceutical companies.

Moreover, buttock augmentation must be performed by certified plastic surgeons or medical professionals, or at least qualified cosmetologists with medical education. Why? Because most of these specialists constantly improve their knowledge by participating in conferences, educational programs, and scientific research. They also regularly practice their skills.


To correct those parts of the body that are difficult to change naturally, plastic surgeons carry out the most advanced treatments. These treatments involve use of products designed specifically for face and body contouring. Among them are PDO threads, hip fillers, PRP injections.

Also, to achieve the most natural results, doctors can employ such procedures as your own fat transplant or Ultherapy – noninvasive butt lift using an ultrasound machine.


Correction of the buttocks using dermal fillers is known as “butt injections”. It is a relatively easy procedure with the use of dermal fillers. It offers the shortest downtime.

Butt injections are carried out using a variety of hyaluronic acid fillers specially designed for body contouring. Also, many plastic surgeons use Sculptra – a product made from Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA). Both types of fillers offer results lasting up to 3 years.


Changing the shape of your booty will come with a price tag, so you need to prepare yourself for it.

First, make sure you find a reputable aesthetic practitioner who specializes in butt injections. Google reviews can greatly help you in that. Ensure that the doctor you choose has a good track record.

Then make an appointment.

Once you come to the doctor’s office, get them to examine your body, prescribe tests and collect all the necessary information about your health.

If you have no contraindications for butt injections procedure such as cancer, inflammation in the injection areas, upcoming menstruation, chronic illness, pregnancy and breastfeeding, go ahead and set up the date.

A few days before the scheduled treatment, stick to proper diet, do not sunbathe under the scorching sun, refrain from drinking alcohol.


Note that hip fillers are administered without general anesthesia. The doctor may use topical anesthetic or numb treated area by injecting liquid lidocaine. That will take place only if you are not allergic to the numbing ingredient. A skin patch test prior to injections helps to ascertain if such problem exists.

If you have chosen to improve the shape of your butt with hyaluronic acid, then the procedure will require from one to ten syringes of it. Normally, hyaluronic acid indicated for body contouring comes in a 10 ml syringe – yep, scary! 💉😱

If you choose Sculptra, then it will require one to thirty vials of it, depending on the butt volume you want to achieve.

Either way, make sure the doctor shows you the product before the injections. Take note of the name and the way it looks, just to make sure you are getting injected what you are paying for. All products used for butt injections must be of European origin and have a CE mark.

Usually, the butt injection treatment lasts no longer than 40 minutes. It is well tolerated; it does not leave scars and the doctor lets you go home on the same day. But after a few days, a second visit is required.


Butt injections are not permanent. Hip fillers that are used for it eventually get absorbed by the body. If you lead an active lifestyle with plenty of exercises, then the injected product can get absorbed too quickly. This means that after a certain time you will have to repeat the procedure So, budget for it prior to going ahead with it initially.

To prolong the result of hip fillers, do not go for a massage during the time the product is settling down. Because it will increase the speed of biodegradation and you will need touch ups much faster. Give it at least a month.

Also, during the first day after the procedure try to keep water and especially your hands off the injection sites.

Do not sunbathe for two weeks.

Stay away from swimming pools and sauna for one week.

Do not use laser over the injection site.


Most side effects are associated with trauma upon injection and are observed in the early period up to one month. They consist of hematomas, edema, and pain in the injection area – nothing drastic, nevertheless it can be unpleasant. But, as we all know, “no pain, no gain”!


So, are you ready for that dream bum? I think you are!

Butt injections are fast and safe. Hip fillers give you an excellent option to improve the shape of your buttocks in just 40 minutes without endless squats and exhausting exercises.

Once done, you can proudly say that you are not only “Brains and Beauty”, but you also have the most Gorgeous BOOTY!