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Plasma Pen also known as Plasmaliner is a plasma spectrum pen. Plasma pen treatment belongs to a category of novelties in the field of cosmetology that uses a special equipment.


A miniature device that visually resembles an epilator, a thermometer, a pen, depending on the manufacturer. With the help of a special nozzle-needle, it gets in contact with the human skin. Experts highly praise plasma pen treatment.

Among the indications of this type of pen are:

1) Non-surgical blepharoplasty;

2) Elimination of scars and strong stretch marks;

3) Reduction in the number of wrinkles;

4) Removal of unsuccessful tattoos or large age spots;

5) Elimination of warts, benign moles and post-acne syndrome.

During the plasma pen treatment, you can get rid of many cosmetically undesired skin issues. However,  the greatest effectiveness is manifested in the tightening of the skin. The device is most in demand for tightening the skin around the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead, double chin, and nasolabial folds. Thus, many estheticians call this procedure “fibroblast skin tightening“. Use of a plasma pen allows the cosmetologist to make a point impact on specific areas with preliminary dosing. Without fear, you can treat the epidermis of the delicate areas of the eyelids.

Considering the physical side of the equipment, the plasma pen is similar in principle to the fractional type laser, which belongs to the list of effective and efficient devices for fighting scars and for skin tightening. The plasma beam affects the micro-sections of the epidermis, thereby causing the process of coagulation, when the tissues gradually contract. Thanks to the increased production of a component such as collagen, the skin is renewed.


There is a burn, but minimal. The plasma pen makes it possible to make a point effect on individual wrinkles. For tissues located around the site of treatment, the procedure is safe, given that the skin around the eyes is delicate.

Based on how serious the problem is, the number of procedures required increases to two. But the first result is noticeable after the first session.


The key advantage of fibroblast plasma pen is the minimum injury rates and the rapid recovery process, given that the effectiveness of the procedure is compared with the use of heavy duty cosmetic devices.

The technology belongs to the list of non-invasive and non-surgical methods. Between the surface of the skin and the tip of the needle in the process of interaction, a tension is formed. The skin is not touched by a needle, but directly by plasma. This fact indicates that the needles are disposable and completely sterile. Therefore, the possibility of introducing any infection is impossible. Allergic reactions should not be expected. After plasma pen treatment, there might be some temporary swelling, but no bruising compared to beauty injections.

Recovery period takes about 7-10 days. After a fractional laser, it may take three weeks. It is possible to dose the impact on the treated area and time interval.

For the procedure to be worthy, give preference to proven cosmetologists and medical estheticians, with a preliminary consultation, where you can ask all your questions. Take care of your own health and beauty, so do not ignore possible contraindications.


The procedures in which plasma pen is used is the same as visit to a beautician. At the first stage, the surface of the skin is cleaned from impurities accumulated throughout the day and makeup, then it is treated with an antiseptic. After that, an anesthetic cream is applied to the treated area. Its action begins after 20 minutes and then the plasma pen treatment begins.

Wrinkle correction or eyelid lift is the most sensitive. Fibroblast plasma pen practitioner brings the plasma pen device to the skin for a few seconds through point and light movements.

When removing warts or moles, it takes a little longer.

At the last stage, the skin is treated with a healing agent, since small red dots sometimes appear at the impact sites. The best after care products are Bepanthen or Levomycetin ointment.


During the first three days after the use of a plasma pen, avoid overheating or wetting the treated areas. So, stay away from sauna or bath. Don’t sunbathe on the beach and apply any decorative cosmetics. At the same time, regularly once a day treat the treated area with an antiseptic and apply Bepanthen ointment.

After three days, small crusts will begin to form on the surface, which will fall off on their own, and in their place there will be tightened, healthy and good skin. Don’t remove the crusts yourself. Just make sure you wipe the face with the recommended solutions and apply healing ointments.

For the first two months, don’t sunbathe in the open sun and apply sunscreen daily. If plasma pen was used for blepharoplasty, then it is imperative to wear glasses to protect against the sun. As soon as active healing begins, the skin will show its toned and healthy appearance, and it may take about three weeks to achieve the final effect.


It is strictly forbidden to use fibroblast plasma pen when:

a) inflammatory processes in the active phase;

b) in the middle of infectious processes;

c) epilepsy and diagnosing diabetes;

d) herpes;

e) blood diseases;

f) psychiatric, oncological and autoimmune diseases.

Do not go for plasma pen treatment in the presence of a built-in pacemaker, while breastfeeding or pregnant.

A contraindication is the use of blood-thinning drugs and the tendency to form allergic reactions that occur on the anesthetic used.

Do not use a plasma pen if the surgical method of skin tightening was previously used.

Note to a patient

Before starting the procedure, make sure you understand that microscopic burns will occur at the sites of exposure to coagulation plasma. This will cause discomfort on the skin, including flushing, itching, burning and swelling of the eyelid. All these side effects are inevitable and temporary and will disappear within 3-5 days.

To relieve unpleasant symptoms, ask your medical esthetician to use dry cold or ice, previously placed in a plastic bag and wrapped in a napkin.

During the first two or three days, do not wash, visit the pool, sauna and apply makeup, until dry crusts form and spontaneously fall off.

During the entire recovery period, gently wipe the damaged skin with an alcohol-free antiseptic and apply regenerating creams or ointments to the affected areas several times a day to quickly eliminate the effects of the burn.

In no case do not forcefully remove the formed crusts, this can cause the formation of small scars and lengthen the rehabilitation period.

After the crusts fall off on their own, apply a healing ointment to the skin for a few more days until the skin restores its natural color. This may take approximately a month.

Wash with soap and apply makeup only when the crusts fall off completely.

For a month, do not visit the solarium, and when going out, use a sunscreen with a high protection factor and, if necessary, sunglasses.

The density of the skin will decrease as the tissue heals and for about 3 more months.

In older patients with pronounced ptosis, repeated procedures are possible 2-3 weeks after complete healing. As a rule, for a pronounced eyelid lift, it is necessary to undergo a course of 1 to 4 procedures. The tightening effect is already noticeable in the first week after the procedure.

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