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Microneedling is a method done by certified dermatologists and initially presented in beauty salons. It is becoming very popular very quickly in the world of beauty care. But when it comes to beauty, not everyone is comfortable trusting another person. More and more people are deciding on practicing this revolutionary method at home.

Hey everyone, I am Anna, the founder of the Good Skin website and I dedicate this post to everyone looking to learn about microneedling at home!


To put it simply, microneedling is pricking the skin with very thin, short, and properly sterilized needles. The tiny wounds cause your body to react naturally and rush to heal them by making more elastin and collagen. This results in more plumped, and youthful-looking skin.

This procedure is done by a professional and it is rapidly becoming more accepted. Numerous people are deciding on microneedling at home, so let’s address the difference between in-office and at-home devices. The needles used for in-office treatment are a little bit sharper and only safe when used by a certified professional, providing slightly better results. At-home devices work perfectly, but they are gentler in order to prevent any unnecessary injuries.

There are alternative solutions for an at-home treatment, similar to microneedling and with better results. One of these alternatives is microchanneling. It’s a similar to microneedling procedure with a use of Aquagold Fine Touch, a device that is very safe to use at home.


Aquagold is a micro-injection system that painlessly administers custom solutions into the skin, delivering quick results of a younger appearance. The device contains a vial, which is filled with a tailored mix of ingredients for your skin. The vial is capped with a tip of twenty thin hypo-allergic gold-plated hollow needles. The treatment only lasts around twenty minutes, and the results are noticeable rather quickly.


This is a method that comes with a lot of benefits and they go beyond just looking younger. Besides smoother skin, the treatment also helps with shrinking pores, it fights stretch marks, reduces the appearance of sun damage and other various signs of aging, helps with acne. Also, it is very effective in addressing the scars.

Serious side effects are rare to occur. In case you notice any extensive bleeding, bruising, peeling, or an infection, contact your doctor immediately.


Microchanneling with Aquagold Fine Touch, much like microneedling, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines, shrinks enlarged pores, and improves superficial scarring. It also helps with skin dryness, enhances laser treatments, and it is a painless experience, even around more sensitive areas.

As for the side effects, there are little to none when using Aquagold. The redness of the skin may in some cases last a little longer than usual but other than that, this device is perfectly safe.


To perform microneedling at home, it is very important to have all the necessary materials. Once you have done your homework and purchased the necessary instruments, the first thing you need to do is properly disinfect everything. Then make sure your skin is completely clean and ready: remove all makeup, clean the area, and apply the serum you have chosen. The type of serum depends on what your treatment is about and the needs of your skin.

After the serum is applied, gently and with even pressure use a derma roller and move it around the area. The recommended movements of the roller are top to bottom, diagonally right up to left, and diagonally left up to right. The entire procedure should last around twenty minutes, and the best time to do it is before bed. There will be some redness around the treated area but it will disappear after a day.


As mentioned above, with microneedling you need to apply the serum on the skin before using the derma-roller. With Aquagold Fine Touch, the process is easier, faster, and gentler to the skin. The applicator is filled with a cocktail of vitamins, amino acids, peptides and the device is then gently pressed on the skin. The applier injects the skin with the substance from the vial, effectively providing the solution into the skin.


Doing microneedling at home is a completely safe process. Simply be careful to buy the instruments from a proper beauty supply store, sterilize them, and do the treatment gently. There might be some slight bleeding afterward, but that is nothing to worry about. The bleeding will stop soon enough and the redness of the skin should disappear rather quickly too.

With Aquagold there is even less to worry about since the whole process has a more tender approach. There is no bleeding after the treatment, and the red skin clears after only a couple of hours.


At the first glance, it appears as there are no differences between the two treatments, but there are a few significant ones.

Aquagold Fine Touch has a much gentler approach than microneedling. This results in a less unpleasant experience and the redness disappears within only two hours after the procedure. With microneedling, the red skin can last up to a day or even a little longer. Aquagold also works faster than microneedling. Plus, the effects are clearly noticeable the very same day.


It might sound a little scary to think about pricking yourself with needles, but performing microneedling at home really is a simple and quick process with virtually no disadvantages. With a proper set of instruments, and twenty minutes of your time, your skin will look smoother within a day. And if the thought of using a dermaroller does not appeal to you, Aquagold Fine Touch is an excellent alternative. The approach of Aquagold is softer, the results are faster, and your young appearance is obvious almost immediately.

Both of these methods are very effective, and at the end of the day only you know what your skin really needs and how you want to approach that.

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