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Everyone wants to look young and beautiful, especially, when old age and other contributing factors leave their adverse impact on our faces. Aesthetic medical treatments such as thread face lift can help us achieve younger looking skin without those unwanted lines to add years to our age. The best part of such procedure is that we don’t need to go under the knife to get the results.

Hey everyone, I’m Anna, the founder of the Good Skin website and today we are going to explore the subject of a thread lift!


Thread lift involves inserting very thin polyester sutures under the skin in the area requiring a lift. The area of treatment can be the face, the arms or the buttocks. Once inserted, the threads get anchored on the tissues while lifting and pulling them up.

Such treatment allows the patient to see significant results in a very short time.

Moreover, thread lift procedure is less invasive with no significant risk attached, ensuring the end result is highly beneficial and long lasting. Thanks to that, it is highly favored by many people around the world.


A thread face lift involves insertion of tiny threads specially designed to lift the skin of the face. Such treatment can alter the aesthetics of the facial skin without leaving any traces of surgical procedure. In most cases, people wanting to get desired results through this type of facelift end up very satisfied with their new appearance.

Facial thread lifting procedures vary based on the type of sutures (threads) used by the plastic surgeon. The various types of materials used in those threads are responsible for the distinct results of such facelifts. Some threads are biodegradable. This means they dissolve inside the skin in around six months. The other ones dissolve slower while sturdily stimulating neocollagenesis.

In general, there are three types of sutures used for thread face lift:

1. Polylactic Acid or PLA threads
2. Polycaprolactone or PCA threads
3. Polydioxanone or PDO threads


Choosing thread face lift over the other facelift procedures entirely depends on your personal preferences. However, when it comes to being a better medical option, consider its significant advantages listed below.

5 Benefits of Thread Lifting 

1. Instant Results

Thread lift offers instant results as the lift created does not need to heal to show the changes. However, the final result is visible with a more significant difference following the collagen boost around the lift areas: your skin will not only get lifted. It will become noticeably smoother and younger looking.

2. Short  Recovery Time

Thread lift needs only a couple of days to form scar tissues on the sutures or thread anchors, meaning the downtime is much shorter. You will be able to resume your daily activity almost immediately.

3. Long-term Effects

Thread lift offers lasting results because of the collagen formation around the treatment area. The outcome of the procedure lasts for over a year and depends on the ability of newly formed collagen to hold the threads.

4. Perfect Fit For Every Individual Needs

Thread lifting procedure requires meticulous planning and expertise to suit the patient’s individual needs. In addition to being extremely effective, this treatment helps your skin build up more collagen and enhance it even further.

5. Smooth and Natural-looking results

Thread lift is perfect for those who are looking for natural-looking results. It is famous for offering youthful complexion, smooth skin texture and overall rejuvenated appearance.

Last, but not least: thread face lift is virtually painless.


Thread lift procedure generally is inexpensive, while traditional surgical facelifts can cost a fortune. Its cost entirely depends on the degree of lift required and the area of concern.

Also, keep in mind that the cost of thread face lift is going to vary depending on the several factors such as consulting charges, tests, diagnostics, etc. Want to know how much it really costs? Call a doctor’s office to get an idea. But to get a proper cost estimate, find a reputable aesthetic medical practitioner and arrange a visit.


Thread face lift before and after Anna's CosmeticsSince surgical procedures generally cause us intimidation, most of those who suffer from facial volume loss and pronounced signs of aging seek less invasive rejuvenating treatments. Luckily, aesthetic medicine rapidly moves forward and comes out with all sorts of minimally invasive as well as completely non-invasive cosmetic treatments, one of them is being a thread face lift.

Thread face lift works just as good as the regular surgical facelift.

It corrects turned down corners of the lips, lifts sagging jowls, malar fat pads, fixes dropped brows.

Also, the treatment improves facial contour and eliminates neck wrinkles.

Moreover, following a thread lift procedure, you can safely expect to get the improved texture of your skin.

Therefore, thread lift is a perfect fit for all those who are looking to get younger-looking skin without surgical intervention.


Many will agree that having a facelift can sound like a daunting task, given the risk and complications involved.

During the last decade, thread face lift known as almost risk-free procedure, has shown positive and long lasting results.  It delays the inevitable aging, substantially improves the aesthetics of the face and greatly enhance the facial features.

Furthermore, the various facial thread lifting procedures available for different parts of the face and neck, made it the most preferred facelifting procedure.

In addition, it made facial sagging the thing of the past.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t delay and book your thread face lift today!